Customer Panel members

Stuart Void 2Stuart has been with Ability for six years and he is chair of the Customer Panel. He lives in a bungalow, purpose built for a wheelchair user. Stuart trained as a primary school teacher and has worked as a specialist teacher adviser. “I like being able to express my opinions and share my thoughts with those who manage and run Ability. I’m looking forward to my future with the Panel, hopefully having some influence over the direction Ability takes and making sure they stay in touch with their customers and continue to listen to their point of view.”

Liam, Customer Panel memberLiam has lived in an Ability flat for 13 years. He has an NVQ in computing and works for Slough Borough Council. Liam has been actively involved in helping to develop the Panel and establish effective customer engagement tools. “I feel the Customer Panel is beginning to make real changes and introduce things which will have a big impact and make a difference to Ability’s services over the next few years. I enjoy meeting regularly and building relationships with staff and customers from different areas.”

Carron Customer Panel memberCarron has been in her Ability flat in Havant for six years. She has completed a number of college courses and is a qualified first aider. Carron is involved in many areas of the Customer Panel and has presented customer feedback to Support Service Managers and members of the Board. “The Panel is brilliant. I like talking about the complaints and I’m excited to be involved in the complaints sub-panel. I also like telling other people’s views if they cannot say it themselves.”

Keith, Customer panel memberKeith has been with Ability for 21 years. He has always been actively involved in his community and with Ability. He was an Ability Board member for six years before joining the Customer Panel, so he has lots of experience of working to improve our services. “I would recommend anyone to join the Panel, who wants to have a say in Ability. It’s your housing association, so join the Panel and say it. We meet about four times a year, so it doesn’t take up too much time. I still enjoy meeting new members who are glad to give up their time and share their views with others. It’s also interesting going to other sites and events – like Richardson’s head office or the opening of a new service – and talking to the guys.”

James, customer panel memberJames has been with Ability for more than two years. He first came to one of our 24-hour services and has now moved on to one of our self-contained flats in Staines.
“I really enjoy going to the Panel, talking with staff from different parts of Ability and getting to know them. The staff really listen to what you say and care about making improvements. I get to give my opinions and work with Ability as a joint team to make sure we are always looking at what we are doing and seeing how we can do it better.”